The three companies Valentino OrlandiCalzaturificio Men’s Shoes and Tecne90 have combined

their know-how for the "S&BEco" project, to create environmentally friendly fashion accessories

SUSTAINABLE FASHION, to be always trendy while respecting the environment and the planet.

This is the mission of "S&BEco" (Eco-friendly Sneakers & Bags), the new project launched by the companies Valentino Orlandi, Calzaturificio Men’s Shoes and Tecne90 to create a new fashion brand: WUEO.


WUEO shoes and bags are eco-friendly and 100% Made in Italy, made with vegetable, recycled and biocompatible materials (TPU, leather and fabrics), inspired to an innovative concept and a peculiar design.

The brand is expression of Made in Italy creativity and excellence in production, where sustainability, ethics and urban elegance are combined to new stylistic approaches.


WUEO represents the future of the three fashion companies: together they will develop a strong effort to make fashion more green and eco-friendly. It will be from the moment of design to the delivery to clients, in fact packaging of products will be also sustainable and biocompatible.

The goal is innovation through the use of eco-friendly materials, recycling and innovation.


“Green is the new Black” in the new WUEO collection!

Chunky sneaker for him and for her, versatile and easy-to-wear classic moccasins, colorful and original handbags and shoulderbags, a recognizable style in which details are protagonists.

Choosing to wear a WUEO accessory is a fashion statement that say "Be Conscious, Be Cool!". It’s a statement of ethical and conscious style, a contemporary and avant-garde fashion vision, which looks to a sustainable future.

The bags and shoes are made of environmentally friendly TPU and eco-friendly cactus leather, vegetable leather and recycled leather. The design, as well as the colors, is eye-catching, making each accessory unique and inimitable.


WUEO is the expression of the know-how of three excellences of Marche, Italy: Valentino Orlandi, leather company with over 40 years of experience in luxury accessories business, Calzaturificio Men’s Shoes, company specialized in the production of artisan footwear, Tecne90, technological partner along with Teknochim for designing of innovative eco-compatible materials.


The project is promoted through this  B2B online platform, in order to reach new markets and a new audience, new consumers who are increasingly attentive to sustainability, quality and style.